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EUCACH Members: Melanie Vritschan

Melanie Vritschan

Melanie Vritschan
Public Relations & Events Manager

Melanie is German and lives in Brussels. During two decades, she has gained valuable experience in public relations and events management of international associations. Her former positions involved close cooperation with the European Institutions and organisation of numerous international conferences and trade shows. Melanie has a proven track record in working with high-level authorities such as the European Commission and the European Parliament, the organisation of network meetings, needs assessment and implementation for particular “client groups” as well as successfully carrying out pan-European and interregional projects with the aim of promoting international cooperation.

In her last position, she has worked as the Communications Manager of a European navigation satellite system developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Prior to this, she was the Public Relations and Events Officer at a European Foundation committed to the improvement of rights and situations of youth at risk. The organisation is acting as a lobbying and advocacy platform towards the European Union.

For most of her life, she was a passionate marathon runner. Melanie has been the team leader of various group marathons she organised for awareness- and fund-raising benefiting children charities or homeless persons’ refuge projects.

To her great regret, such activity is now infeasible due to the physiological damage and debility suffered as a consequence of being a victim of electronic terrorism.

As a convinced European, Melanie is is profoundly attached to the fundamental European principles of peace, justice and freedom, as expressed by the European Union in its Anthem.

« Europe, may your peoples flourish,
Let the common banner rise!
Stars of gold and dark blue skies
Are the colours that we prize. »


Akademie für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung, Lippstadt (D)

(Academy for Economics and Administration)

Incorporating one year at the

  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie, Paris (F)
  • University of Westminster /
    Polytechnic School of Central London, (UK)

Diploma of

“International Management”
(Including English, French and Spanish)

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  1. Sophie Paulin
    September 23, 2015

    Please send y
    all my info to MI 6 immediately
    2013 in the US

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