European Coalition Against Covert Harassment


Organization, and membership invitation

Organization, and membership invitation

to Participate in EUCACH Year Meeting



TO: All members

FROM: EUCACH Board Members

RE: EUCACH Association annuall membership meeting 14/June-2014 in

Stockholm SWEDEN at Mårten Trotzig, Västerlånggatan 79 time: 13.00


The agenda for members of nonprofit organization EUCACH:


1. Opening and consent of the meeting.

2. Temporary Chairperson, Secretary of the meeting and protocol controller

are selected. Agenda agreement. Confirmation of correct calling.

3. Treasurer presents financial situation.

4. Annual report

5. Suggestions of topics to discuss in written form two weeks before to

6  Treasurer and other officers are elected.

7. The Board is elected


Thank you in advance for considering working with us on this important effort. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at.

General Manager:

Magnus Olsson


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