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Mind Control Technology Correlates with Victim Allegations

Mind Control Technology Correlates with Victim Allegations


future brain

By breaking the problem down to manageable size, mind control technology used in mind control nonconsensual experimentation can be described. SQUID can read minute magnetic signals from the brain and with mathematic computations correlate this to processing of light stimuli by the brain, for example. In the development of MRI in the early 1970s, fourier transforms and pulse techniques were described as a way to decipher the very minute brain signals among all the electromagnetic background noise. And in 1980, Dr. Mackay described cross-correlation as one of the most powerful computational techniques for extracting significant information from brain signals. And now Tennenbaum and many articles describe the future use of HTSC for reading minute biological signals in the late 1980s. The theory behind detecting thought processes is passing the test of time.

MEG was used to pick up the magnetic signals which are oscillating millisecond fluxes of the brain in real time. If there were electromagnetic codes and programs for the brains processes that have already been discovered, (as in the gene mapping project), then the signals would have meaning.

foi mind control

Victims report that their thoughts can be read instantly and replied to, that pictures and dreams, memories and feelings can be remotely manipulated and controlled. Every nerve and muscle of the body can now be controlled. Again, breaking the problem down to manageable amounts is very helpful in describing the technology available that could account for victim’s allegations. One previous example was the artificial retina chip, a copy of the neural organization of the retina and visual processing as the human brain does. This and the visual processing of the brain by frequencies mentioned previously could have been discovered and would account for dreams, pictures and implanted visualizations reported by victims.

The hearing of voices has been described elsewhere via microwave effects by the military to be used against terrorists (see CAHRA, Intelligence tools). The manipulation of memory could be accounted for with Wiener’s theory of the storage via nucleic acid complexes. Others have made the hypothesis of a molecular code that may be searched out and finally mastered, according to discussions at the American Association for the Advancement of Science(Lessing,1967, DNA Pg. 56.). Long and short term memory may use different mechanisms and Pribram’s theory of holography may be a key process. Pribram has suggested that sensory information is relayed and reconstructed by neuron interaction and also the sensory cells can interact to form a type of hologram[which is made up of electromagnetic waves]. This information combined with previously described techniques demonstrate how in principle, this could be done without a chip or implant. From the many facts, it can be concluded that the functioning of the brain has been discovered and applied to military applications. The underlying principles have been discovered.

Manipulation of feelings could be done via electromagnetic signals. Penfield described the experiments in the 1930s of stimulating areas of the cortex while surgically treating epileptic patients and patients would describe reliving of a previous memory, a flash-back, smelling certain smells and feeling physical sensations. The process for targeting areas of the brain for rage, happiness, and many other feelings most likely have been located.

brain control

Manipulation of every nerve in the body can be explained via electromagnetic signals to specific locations of the brain. The process of sensations and movement may be catalogued in the atlas of signals which Wiener predicted. And the underlying brain mechanism for processing sensations have been determined. This does not seem so farfetched now that very weak signals can be detected and correlated to specific stimulus. The location of the electromagnetic source is possible with MEGs, magnetoencephalography, as stated in a previous article,(pg. 40) and therefore could be targeted by remote means. Recording the signals and then playing them back has been described as the means for direct communication with the brain. Any sensation could be created if a specifically tailored electromagnetic signal were known or mimicked and transmitted. The military interest in solving very complicated brain processes has created the funding needed for scientific projects such as this.

The robotic effects or street theatre that many victims describe is worth mentioning. Behavior of people can now be engineered as if they were puppets. Delgado’s research with implants which stopped a charging bull and then with remote electromagnetic signals is one part of this puzzle. The military has done extensive research on hypnosis(see Operation Mind Control, Walter Bowart1978). The electromagnetic signal or command is directed to the subconscious, and as in hypnosis the target will do whatever the command states. This has been demonstrated by J.F. Schapitz in government experiments(See The Controller, Martin Cannon). The brain is a complex system and there are no easy explanations. This was meant to be the beginning of a solid foundation of proof of government mind control technology that would overcome the lack of government documents that are classified under the National Security Act.



The capability to read and communicate remotely with the brain is a technology that governments would go to great lengths to develop, especially to surpass an enemy that is developing mind control technology also. Over 25 articles on Russian mind control are available (see also CAHRA UN Report) and a few of the many examples were presented here. The Soviets have had a documented history and interest in mind control weapons from the 1940s to the 1990s. The emerging technologies of quantum physics, brain biology and electromagnetic technology combined with cold war military funding and mind control technology was developed because of an arms race to control man.

The history of the Vietnam sensors technology and targeting of populations firmly established that the military has a bureaucracy for conducting classified research that would be similar for mind control technology. It is clear that remote surveillance is very sophisticated. DARPA and IDA, both active in sensors research, are two organizations to research further and would be likely conduits for mind control technology. Here is an absolutely classic summary of the science and government atmosphere in the early 60s in which mind control would proliferate. Charles Townes, who won the Nobel prize for invention of the laser in 1964 along with two Russian researchers, discussed DARPA in his book Making Waves, 1995. “The proposed position for me was Vice President and Director of Research for the Institute for Defense Analysis. The Institute was a non-profit “think-tank with a very important role, run by five or six prominent universities on the East Coast, Columbia University being one of them. It managed what was known as the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group. We had to pick the right people who would be responsible for analyzing how and whether a weapon worked and its effectiveness. We also advised a new organization, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, whose aim was to consider what could be done in space, and to help initiate new ideas and technologies of importance to national security. We also advised the State Department on arms control problems. …I met with Allen Dulles, then head of the CIA… It was a lengthy presentation of all the highly classified evidence we had. Finally he{Dullles} asked me, “What do you think?” (Townes, Pg. 199).

Tennenbaum felt that SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative was a cover for electromagnetic weapons as the same technology is involved. He stated that in 1983, the beginning of SDI, Russian biophysics research went underground. This is when the strategic expert, Dr. Possony published his article on direct communication with the brain. So much more research is needed.

It is difficult to describe scientific technology while it is classified and has not officially been used. Several independent sources support claims of the existence of government mind control and many scientists worldwide have stated that mind control technology is possible. The bureaucracy is in place and the victims are alleging serious human rights abuse. This is a serious issue worthy of further investigation.

This is more than enough evidence to establish the need for an investigation. The burden of proof of obtaining the classified documents and/or tying the electromagnetic signals used on victims to the government or corporations involved, is too high and victims are suffering and dying. It is cruel to make alleged victims of mind control experimentation and use, meet this burden of proof in order to get help. The government has been and is developing a weapon used against the brain and mind. This fact alone deserves special attention. The claims made by victims may sound crazy, but not in light of the facts. Knowing past government motive and behavior, victims deserve a compensating government mechanism for an investigation into alleged abuses. Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and conclusions with CAHRA.

8 comments on “Mind Control Technology Correlates with Victim Allegations

  1. Charlotte Rouillon
    May 19, 2013

    “This is more than enough evidence to establish the need for an investigation.”: this^ is evidence. Anyone pretending, like it can be seen all over the place, that the problem is that “we don’t have proof” is allied with the perpetrators or naïve. The result being that victims tend to give up and end up circling round and round fooled by the idea that there is no issue, seeing “we don’t have proof”! It’s a regular disaster! There are way enough solid indications, through testimonies, confirmations by scientists of all nationalities, ex-secret service officers, ex-militaries, that the extreme violations of human rights abuses which the victims are complaining of are true, thus way enough, as CAHRA says, to impose neutral investigations of military research by any international organisation. If one adds to this the fact that probably not one government on this planet ignores the existence of such weapons, one can really wonder wether the problem is not much more political than scientific: the will to keep a potentially devastating weapon in one’s own hands for some governments, intimidation for the others.


  2. C.K. Cheung
    June 3, 2013

    Worlds Citizens of Addressings GLOBE POPULATIONS LIFE HEALTH GROWTHS FREEDOMS with NEXT GENERATIONS & International Society Rights Awareness. “Hong Kong Justice And Microwave Beam Radiation” VERY EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON and ALL COMPASS IN HK DISORIENTED in Urgent Appeal and Petition to UN/WHO on ‘Google/Yahoo’. It is confirmed HKSARGovt in Perpetuals Exercisings in of the Advancings NEUROSCIENCES Radiating Technologies AIRBORNE Toxics ‘BIO-EFFECTS'(US Patent: 4877027; 5289438; 5800481; 6011991; 6167304; 6488617; …….)through giant Microwave Antenna array and of X-HI Radiation dispersings in Atmosphere with HK Observatory recorded lowest 1,300 mSv/Hr(65 Folds Over the Radiation Absorbtion Limit for Human Per Year) coupling satellite intrusions of most Privacy of population, of extensive perpetuatings barrage of Atrocious Acts of Law Enforcement in anywhere effectings DEEP LIVELIHOODS, SAFETY and HEALTH of complete population in HK AND the NEUROTransmittings Effects of anywhere from HK effectings others regions in Pan Asia Regions and far to Europes and N.America. The proof of the HK materials Research unraveled( Apr.04,2013)ALL CHILDREN born in HK does SELF-ADMINISTRATING Abilities DECREASINGS(Neuro-Disorders), other Research(Apr. 24,13)HK CHILDREN in extra High Trend of NARCISSIT(Self Loving Psycho), EYE-HEALTH-SIGHT damagings of small children(“Ultrastructural Changes in Rabbit Lens Induced by Microwave Radiation”), INEQUALITIES-BIRTH-DEFECTS risings, Skeletal & Developing Irregularities of Children(Inter-Neural-Physio malpractising), Suicidal spate of young child(youngest 9 Years old)and youngs(in consistents to Public Panel Research May,28,13. with High Suicidal Trends of Children in HK), the HK News Report(Apr.11,2013)HK YOUNGS Ages acquired Brain Diseases PARKIN-SONS in High Risings(Neuro-Brain Degeneratives Diseases), and(on May,15, 2013)Affirmed 50% Increasings of BREAST CANCER in HK Women, Yet Forthcomings professionals Hospitals erroneous(May,22,13)unveiled Surgeon Doctors unwittings COGNITIVE impairings with Wrong Heart Blood Type TRANSPLANTED, and(May 28, 2013)Nurses susceptibilities to EMR Hypersensitivities in diconnectings Oxygen Devices causings patient Collopsed, PREMATURE AGING syndromes of HEALTHY Adults and Mental-BRAIN HEALTH morbidity(High Rate of Skilled Marathon Games Runner and Trained Pilots/ Drivers in Fatique/Faints/Deaths), IN with of ceaseless Qualitative denote Cover-Electro-Stimulus in of the indubitable concertings of Social DISCONTENTINGS and RESENTMENTS of individuals and population, in with the consistents high growings Bellicose Groups of the ANTI-Society/Govt Rhetorics of in the showings worlds News daily. (“Introductions to Environmental and Public Health Safeties Sciences”/”Public Health Sciences”). REALIZINGS the NEUROTechnologies irradiations toxicity Potent Effects on have the Humans BIO-PHYSIO-GENETICS Health functionals depletings(“Neurological Effects of Radio-frequencies Electromagnetic Radiation”, Dr.Henry Lai on ‘Internet’), and the Lesion-ings of Immunological Reactivities, Proteins Sugars Enzymes Interpretations De-Nutrients, and the sciences proof Humans DNA Strands damages of its profound Repairing Functions and Gens mediatings-translations in Health Reproductivity(” Biological Effects of Narrow Band Pulsed Electric Fields”), and of ENDURE exogenous SURGING POWER bioelectric pulses-trains irritations of Bio-Celluous dynamics impairments and Structures-Growths anomalies of CANCER Incidences(” High Energy EMF Effects on Cancer, Melatonin & Tamosiffen”), and of continuities of the modulated stimuli-impulses-trains frequencies in of VITAL direct Intrusive Stimulatings of Humans Brain of NEUROLOGICAL Disruptive PSYCHIC-PSYCHO Effected Mental Health(“Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophrenia”)of which BLIND can SEE(Images projectings direct on to Occipital Cortexes), DEAF can HEAR(mimic sounds speeches transmittings in to Hearing Zone of Brain Cor-texes), Brain EEGs and morphologies, Neural-Physiology disarrays, memories functionings, neurasyphilis, and of non bio-physio functional bindings mechanism of BRAIN, of producing interferences, and of the rapids growings PSYCHIATRIC-PSYCHO diagnosis of Mental-Sicks with Young Ages among common population, with to of irreparable Involuntary Suicides deposits to seniors Adults of with Livings Disturbances, and of HORRIFIC HighCrime IN-AC-Cidents, equipped with DREAMS MANIPULATION functionings at night, and 24HRs Hallucinations Phenomenon. ENticings MENTAL STATES SETS Discords Irregularities of individuals to in populations. (“High Power Direct Energy EMF Weapons, Effects”). ENsured Deleterious damagings Effects ofto PREGNANCY-FETAL development with of Embryonic Stem Cell, and Motherings, in High Influ-ences of Abortions & Fetal-Complications, and of Faulties-Growths, with later-on developings, INFANTS & CHILDREN Adolescences of the developing HEALTH, Blood-Hormones and Melatonin & of essential IMMUNOs, optholmology, skeletal and organs-tissues-celluous, and of the 40% HIGHER Absorbtion & ‘Cumulative’ of ionIzings Radiation in biofields, the MENTAL BRAIN, have prone to Cancreous ILLnesses and developments as Physiology and Behavirouls Disorders so on(” The Sensitivity of Children to EMF Fields”/”Is Social Anxieties Disorders in Childhood associated with developmental deficit/delay”), SICKED & DISABLES with Bio-Physio CO-Morbidities, and in the Absolute Deprivings of RIGHT to LIFE -HEALTH-FREEDOMS, special of Needy-Ill-Adaptings Populations. Decaying effects to Structures ATOMIC materials Infusings, YEASTS baterials Logics, and BIO-ECOLOGICAL environmental, with of the exceptional High Levels and Inten-sities of BioChem indifferences and Electro-Magnetics-Statics Fields depositings to the Condensed ambiances Climates-Atmospherics, with of ICE composes De-Align Meltings, SOILS BioMinerals decomposites, the Drugs interacting effects, POLLUTIONS-CONCENTRATIONS, and Extremes to Electric Over Hazardous and Fumes Flammables, and Metallurgy Fatique(“HighPower RF Weapons A Threat to Stealth and Cruise”/”The Effects of Microwave to the Widlife and Trees”). Cont’d. ………..


    • C.K. Cheung
      June 3, 2013

      ……. Cont’d. OF the persistences HARASSINGS worlds’ PEOPLES Crucial PEACES DIGNITIES of its Vitalizings and Subtlties. GLOBE regions POPULATION essentially have in the Damagings BIO-NEURO-PHYSIO noxious Atmospherics ambiances-Environmental effectings of FREE MIND and MIND EFFECTED, and Brain-Activities Dysfunctions daily LIFE and BUSINESSES, and substantiated unfathomable symptoms of, Malaise; Physical Ab-normalities as muscle tense and Involuntary Movements and so on,; Concentration impairings; fatique; Sleep Deprivations; Stresses; Tenses; depressions; Anxieties; Apraxia; FEARS and Impulsions and Unrest sensations; emotions disorders volatile; MEMORIES distortings & lost; slow-chaotics & fractured Disturbances THOUGHTS; Distress; consciousnesses impairings; and of MENTAL HEALTH MORBIDITY, and in the deteriorated damagings of Jobs, and Works Cognitive and inspirations, Efficien-cies & Effectivenesses, daily LIVINGS-WORKS-ENERGO & LIFE-LIBERTIES-FAITH Synergistics, and the Expressings Lesionings of PRODUCTIVITIES-COMPETENCE of individuals and Populations-Labours’, and of NEXT GENERATIONS. (“UHF Micro-wave Harassment”/”Biological Effects of Microwave on the Nervous System”/”Micro-wave Weapons of BrainStem Effects”).MULTI-Damagings to SOCIAL HARMONIOUS and FREEDOMS, Inter-Actings and Affluences, International Society PEACES and ECONOMIES and JUSTICES and ENVIRONMENTS. (“Globalization Analysis Managements”/”Environmental Sciences”/”International Relations”). BE in the Light of consistnets High Increa-sings of, EyeCatching ACCIDENTS, Wildlife anomalies and Poultries and Trees Health suffers/deaths, CANCEROUS DISEASES with young ages onset and Young Child cancer incidence, HEART-VASCULAR-BLOOD Diseases, high blood fats & sugars and Pressures, Perintal Mood Disorders, Chronic -Diseases with young Ages as Immune System and Inter-Physio malpractis-ings, YOUNGS pupils Thuggish Brutalities and ADHD prodromes, Asperger/Autism and Social Un-Corporate, Domestics-Abuses VIOLENCES, and so on, of the WORLDS Trends in HEALTH Highest Retrospectives, and the HUMANES of Worlds Developments. (“HK Urgent Appeal and Petition to UN/WHO, 2010 & 2011″/”High Frequencies Electro-Magnetics-Fields of Human Health”). THE ON-GOINGS TOXICITY contexts effectings Vast Populations At Larges and of the Exposures to Cross Oceans-Continents Environmentals-Toxic-Pollutings conditions, with the defaulted NEXT GENERATIONS inheritances interlaces inculpated. (“High Power Electromagnetic-Pulses Weapons—Biochemical Effects”, World Forensic Sciences”/”Environmental and Public Health Safeties Risks Managements”). WHERE deserve the High ATTENTIONS of International Community, NGOs, professionals and law societies, and others governments, and of the adequate measures of its imminents, with grave considerations of Nationals’/ Citizens essential RIGHT to LIFE-FREEDOMS, SAFETIES and HEALTH develop-ments, INVESTMENTS, and of the Social Interests to the national interests, would be in the course of International Justice, HUMAN RIGHTS, and of the Worlds Health Developments. (“Bankok Declaration, 2005″/”Environmental Health Safeties” en HealthCouncil 1999/Milne 1998″). WISH ALL populations worldwide in HEALTH and PEACES always, and the Messages can alert to All Others as for knowledges and Precautionary. Thanks.


  3. JB Smith
    September 26, 2013

    The Brain Initiaitve is the great deception.Newport News Police and Virginia State Police are implanting citizens with a microchip that enables ubiquitous surveillance. In Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence page 9 it describes seeing through your eyes what your brain sees, hearing what you hear and recording your thoughts. It starts like clicking noises until your brain is imprinted. They use technology like the audio spotlight by Holosonics to make people think they are hearing voices. Virginia State Trooper Jared Vance told my clients they use lasers and come through your electric meter router and it sounds like mumbling in the walls. They send signals to the microchip like a cell phone to a sim card. This fires the electricity in your body and fires off neurons in your brain. It makes your limbs jump and can put you in seizures. See Mental Health and Terrorism The Frailty of Psychology by Amid Gunt from Newfoundland University. They tase you into a state of excited delerium – National inst. of Justice. it makes you act like you wouldn’t normally – its torture. They put you in jail or a mental institution. If they go too far, people will act out like these recent gun shootings. All this to take away your right to bear arms. the police admit to these killings but tell me – no one will believe me. They are murderers.


  4. NEO
    September 24, 2014

    This technology is real but from personal experience, it’s amateurish at best. Yes, they can read thoughts and flood your mind with externally fed voices and sounds but they cannot control your mind or thoughts. That’s wishful thinking at best. I think a lot of the things that are online are deliberate disinfo to get people super paranoid. What i experience isn’t any more sophisticated than the technology you come across when calling into the phone company & the automated system asks you for verbal confirmation & responds accordingly. It’s not anything that cannot be maneuvered around by the average functioning adult. I believe there is elements of artificial intelligence but it’s VERY rudimentary & nothing that is going to hinder even the barely intellectually functioning person. The other things–the nano implants that do affect neural activity (and I think specifically for me, are in the GI tract. I looked up info & I think it has to do with serotonin production that exists in that area of the body. My implants seem to primarily make nerves in that area react & I believe that whatever psychos are experimenting on me are trying to tell how I react to long term stress & are manipulating serotonin levels or production–this may be different for different TIs & is just my opinion.)


  5. jacobjvanstraten
    October 2, 2014

    I can’t tell you all the details because it would go on for pages . What I can tell you is that the nero kennetic trans ducer or transciever can be used to falsify thought to make a person appear sick , it can be used to set people up for crimes they did not commit . They can use it for personal interests , with personal feelings , and for personal gains and agendas . With man behind the wheel it is flawed. The mind control used to control thoughts , and negative reinforced thinking patterns and manipulation will bring you to your knees . The psycal torcher will have you crying and begging for mercy and will have you lashing out in anger . I will tell you to try to cope with the pain and anguish and pray if you believe in God. Think of happy memories and hold on . This tech. Is the end of humanity and welcomes in a new era for the human tech. Being . Make us dumb and keep others super smart . I saw a movie like that once where the smart ones wound up eating the lesser evolved like cattle. May god have mercy on us all.


  6. jacobjvanstraten
    October 3, 2014

    This tech sucks I’m tired of being torchered. The manipulation can make anyone look like a guilty crap head sickoffend. The manipulation and mind control sucks has you thinking the stupidest things you have to remember who you are and think of good things while being physicaly torchered , it will make you cry and bring you to your knees.this is the end of humanity . My name is jacob j, vanstraten and they also use the tech to set you up for crimes you didn’t commit.


  7. Madamarcati
    August 13, 2015

    The abuse of power, rape, of others is an age old defect of the criminal mind. It will take whatever form allows it most indulgence in whatever historical period it expresses. In ours it is that of the postwar Nation States Intelligence Services industrial scale experimentation through torture upon its own unwitting peaceable populations. This crime is the conscious action of individuals with names and faces and is the sole responsibility of said individual. It is not some inevitable trajectory of the unfolding of science or a necessity for National Security: simply a great Crime.

    As for the tragedy and heartache perpetrated upon all of us by these ignorant, boorish men, nothing in Life moves in straight trajectories. Progress is a medium not an end in itself. It is a verb not a noun. Just as your body develops ways to fight infection, so the individuals who have been raped by these brutes will develop emotional auto immunities in response to the traumas inflicted upon them.
    Truly, we the Meek shall inherit these abusing Bastards Earth.

    Electricity and their torture with HAARP will run out with the end of oil; their ability to rape at will and with impunity and under the protection of the police and judiciary of the postwar Nation State will disappear when the banks collapse and their era of usurious fiat money ends; their pathetic lies and pointless lives will all be exposed.
    They will not be able to run or hide and will be dependent upon the kindness of those that they have raped and tortured and the children of the same for survival.

    The pulse of all Life has one immutable Law: Balance.


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